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Power your web3 adoption with eBit labs’ industry-leading analytics engine and high-definition blockchain event interpretation logic
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300ktoken contracts
300mtoken events
Enterprise WorkspacesWith the rapid growth and development of web3 technology, businesses are struggling to understand, interact with and maximize its benefits. We have developed cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of business and enterprise clients to help to power their adoption and fully realize web3’s benefits.
SearchContext Setting
Algo-created tagsSmart identification of protocols, contracts and wallets
Metrics LibraryCategorized data and insights
Interchangable PanelsCharts, Tables and Summary Cards
Customizable WorkspacesCovering use-cases and workflows
Metrics Sidebar
Median Interest Rate Chart
Market Cat Chart
Floor Summary Card
Market Cap Summary Card
Flexible, real-time, relevantA fully customizable dashboard, consisting of both pre-populated data sets and analytics, as well as fully composable workspaces providing real-time, relevant data and analysis to power decision making.
Competitive EdgeOur technology enables clients to gain an edge in their industries by making informed decisions based on the most relevant and up-to-date information available – all powered by bespoke alerts.
Developer APIsOur data and analytics will be available via APIs for clients who prefer to integrate our technology directly into their own protocols and systems, providing seamless access to the insights they need.
An app for the NFT community. It delivers data, market-wide insight and analysis covering collections, specific NFTs and individual owners. tokensite is powered by our sophisticated analytics engine fuelled by our market-leading on- and off-chain event interpretation logic.TokenInsight and our Analytics Engine are designed to meet the needs of business and enterprise clients as adoption continues to grow.
Tokensite Home Page
Tokensite Portfolio Performance
Portfolio Spotlight
Tokensite Series Table
Market InsightsInsight including market temperature, momentum, sales numbers and volume.
NFT Collection OverviewPowerful charting helping users visualize activity and NFT market availability.
Explore WalletsNFT ownership surfaced across the app – at market, series and item level.
Portfolio and WatchlistsWatchlists can be quickly created covering NFT collections, individual items and NFT owners.
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